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Flying Academy - Czech Republic

Flying Academy is an EASA Approved Training Organization (ATO), which operates its base from the Brno West, Falcon Field (LKFA).

In order to have the best experience during your pilot training, we have a team of highly professional staff who are ready to assist you in any matter concerning your training but also regarding your living in the Czech Republic.

In combination with our highly experienced Flight Instructors and competitive program fees, Flying Academy is the first choice of pilot training for future Professional or Private Pilots from all continents. All training is performed in accordance with Part-FCL regulations.

OUR STORY ... so far

Your path to your professional aviation career begins here with industry professionals that are ready to guide you throughout the whole process.

A great number of international students from all over the world who choose our training center are proof of our quality training and highly effective work.

We like to think that we are a community of strong individuals who are gathered together, thanks to our biggest passion – flying.

Our team of professionals will always be here for you and we will try to satisfy all of your requests. We will take every step necessary to lead you to your Pilot License together, with a full sense of respect and acknowledgement of your needs and preferences.

With Flying Academy’s brand new online classrooms, you can start your theoretical training without leaving the comfort of your home, in a decent amount of time!

We are Flying Academy Europe – International Flight Training center with more than three decades of experience, that was founded by airline pilots for future airline pilots.

The regulation in the European Union is very strict about aviation safety. Our fleet is maintained at the highest levels of safety.

Flying Academy, one of the leading global flight schools, is proud to present our fleet. It consists of single and multi-engine aircraft maintained at the highest levels of safety. The whole fleet, at both continents where we operate, consists of 42 aircraft

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By shifting our theoretical training online, we now have the opportunity to expand our international community and reach and teach students from around the globe.
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Flying Academy Brno West Falcon Field: LKFA

Brno West Falcon Field Airport

is an airport in Brno, Czech Republic. It is about 7.5 km (5 mi) from Brno city center, on the edge of the historical Austerlitz battlefield.

  • 2 runways
  • International airport
  • Handling the maintenance of the aircraft fully from our crew.

The airport was built during the 1950s as a replacement for the old Brno airport located in Slatina (northeast of Tuřany airport). In 1967, a new departure hall construction began. During the 1980s, the airport was handed over for use by the Czechoslovak air force, and civil operations were reduced to a minimum. Civil flights were operated during exhibitions and fairs taking place at Brno Exhibition Centre. In 1986, the new departure hall and related facilities were completed.


Our Fleet

152 EU152 EU
Cessna 152
The Cessna 152 is the most successful two-seat trainer in history - with fixed tricycle gear.
172 RG172 RG
Cessna 172 RG
The Cessna 172 Retractable Gear is faster and more aerodynamic than other models, and capable of reaching up to 130 KIAS.
PIC 00209 (1)PIC 00209 (1)
Cessna 172 SP
The Cessna 172 SP, is a single engine high-wing, fixed gear, four-seater aircraft. The flight deck is powered by the Garmin G1000 avionics suite.
Piper Seminole
The PA-44 Piper Seminole is a four-seated, multi-engine, low-wing airplane mainly used for MEP/IR Training.
172 P172 P
Cessna 172 P
The Cessna 172 is a four-seater, single engine, high-wing airplane. The Cessna 172 is used for PPL, CPL, and IR Training.


Modern EFIS avionics
Latest Instrumentations and highly maintained aircrafts!
Pro Instructors
Get top of the line flight instruction with our brilliantly talented pilot instructors!